Still thinking about it?

If you can't decide here are some things we think you could do with your Whisky Loot box:

Try new whiskies every month
Put together an army of miniature bottles, and fight!
Drink them while winning at Poker
Use them as collateral in peace negotiations
Drink really really slowly
👑 Pass them onto your children as family jewels
🛁 Buy 3,207 bottles and make a whisky bath
Keep one in your back pocket for emergencies
Become a whisky expert at trivia nights
Travel to Scotland (in your mouth)
🥃 Take them to a dinner party and don't share them
Play adult Easter-egg whisky hunts
Drink and swirl like it's Listerine
🤔 Ponder life like a poet with a dram
Whisky Loot Box

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How many bottles do I get?

You receive 3 x 60mL bottles of high-quality premium brand whisky from around the world. Each box contains a minimum bottle price of $300 worth of whisky.

What else comes in the box?

Each month you'll receive tasting notes on each whisky, and in your first box, we include a whisky journal to help you remember all the wonderful tastes.

How do I skip?

On the 14th of next month, we'll notify you of what's included in the upcoming month's box – simply skip before the 20th and you won't be charged.

Still have a question?

Just reply to this email, and one of our trusty customer support ninjas will get back to you pronto!
Treasure the taste.