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Fresh to Death by Arturo Muñoz Bernal

Pushing daisies? More like "fresh as a daisy." Madrid illustrator Arturo Muñoz Bernal shows us how to keep it "Fresh to Death."

Available for pre-order in tri-blend grey, 100% cotton white, and poly-cotton indigo tees until Monday, August 1 at 8pm EDT.

Here are some of our other favorite tees this week...
Summer's End by Matt Cole Wilson
U.S.A. United Together by Mark Farris
My Mountain Shirt by Tim Palmer
Sleepy Hashtag by Trüf Creative
Create or Die by Blake Wilton
Night Shift by Chris Piascik
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We're going to Cedar Point!
Cotton Bureau has been around since 2013 (and our previous company since 2009), and believe it or not, we've never taken a proper company trip anywhere fun. That ends today, because today...we go to Cedar Point. That's right, all six of us (plus significant others) are headed to Sandusky, OH to the greatest coaster park in the known universe. Promise you'll buy a bunch of shirts while we're gone? Funnel cake for eleven ain't gonna pay for itself. Follow along all day on Twitter, Instagram, and our new Snapchat.

P.S. We're all wearing matching shirts! 😜
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XOXO from Cotton Bureau!
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