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Here’s How 2017 made way For 2018 @EmailMonks
2017 at EmailMonks started as a madhouse with an
aim to support everyone who needs help with Email Templates
(which will remain our mantra today and forever!).
Here’s how we reached a few milestones that inspired us
to make 2018 bigger & better than 2017.
We grew our active email list by  
Our Holiday Interactive Emails
increased the email click rate by
our findings  
In 2017, Our Email Template production
saw a rise by 114%. We produced ...
The popularity of EmailMonks
Wallet Model soared by
  An indication
of more loyal customers!
We've added  
  new customers to our
EmailMonks family.
Last but not the least,
we discovered some awe-inspiring emails and e-met
some great creative minds who love emails via
Our Road for 2018
We did a short survey and learnt 3 things that
we would be focussing upon this year.
Enhanced communication experience
and pre-delivery of orders (via calls if required).
Modular Template Service – Our New Service Portfolio.
Provide extended assistance in setting up the email
template and testing it from your ESP.
So, what are you thinking?
Want to get started with the Monks’ awesomeness?
Let’s make an Awesome Email
For some amazing email fun this year, follow us on Twitter @emailmonks.
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