January 16, 2019

First Look

Good morning, friend. With a sexual harrasment scandal rocking the Oregon Capitol, lawmakers were all set for the first step in changing the culture. Then the federal shutdown stepped in again. Here's your First Look at Wednesday's news.

Shutdown Nixes Anti-harassment Training At Capitol

Add anti-harassment training for Oregon lawmakers and Capitol staff to the list of casualties for the now 26-day government shutdown. The training, required following a scandal of sexual harassment in Salem, was to be run by a federal agency now closed due to the gridlock in D.C.

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Feeling The Bite Of Back Taxes

Years of late property taxes and their associated fees are threatening to do in the owner of several Oregon and California newspapers, including the Bend Bulletin. "We’re not in default with anybody, yet," the chain's president said. But a deadline to avoide further trouble is fast approaching.

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As The Snow Goes

Though the West has warmed over the last 35 years, the region's snowpack levels have resisted the effects of climate change. But a new report out of Oregon State University shows that may change soon.

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Recommended Content

1 Of The Last Navajo Code Talkers Dies At 94

One of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers, Alfred Newman, who relayed messages that were never decoded by enemies in World War II, has died at age 94. As the Japanese cracked classified U.S. military codes, armed forces turned to members of the Navajo Nation. The messages they transmitted in the Pacific Theater were impenetrable to enemies.

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"This is the 11th hour, but it is Washington’s hour to shine."

— Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on the challenges of climate change during his State of the State address Tuesday. The Democrat now has majorities in both the House and Senate and a chance to push through signature climate bills which have stalled in years past.

Get Down With Orkesta Mendoza

Orkesta Mendoza Live

One of the most thrilling sets at Pickathon last summer was by Orkesta Mendoza, the “Indie Mambo” band from Tuscon, Arizona. Now you can watch (or re-live) the over-the-top performance.