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January 2019
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Really Good Emails
Really Good Emails
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Hi Really Good Emails,
2019 is officially upon us (huzzah!) – but instead of getting all “New year, new me” on you, we wanted to take a minute to thank you for being a part of the amazing creator community, and look back at all that we’ve built together this past year. 2018 focused on keeping you more connected than ever – to your fans, to the goings-on at YouTube, and to the cool new ways to create and grow. Let’s take a look at what’s new from 2018, and keep the energy going in 2019.
Build deeper connections
There are more ways than ever to engage with your viewers and get your voice heard:
Turn your video launches into real-time events with Premieres, or give viewers a behind-the-scenes look with Stories.
Use your voice for good
Creators for Change 2018 saw 50+ creators from around the world craft impact films. They shared unique stories of hope, positivity, and acceptance to show us all how they use the internet to create change.
Succeed on your own terms
Take advantage of new tools that help you get paid doing what you love:
Tools like YouTube Analytics and Snapshot can help you better understand your audience. Get insights into your data that actually make sense, so you can make sure your next step make sense for you.
Stay in the know
Hear directly from YouTube:
The quarterly letters from our CEO Susan, the YouTube Creators channel, the Creator Insider channel, and the YouTube Studio Dashboard are all new ways to keep up with what’s happening at YouTube and get tips and tricks for making the most of your channel.
Learn a new skill
Get ready to pump up your channel with the help of our boot camp classes. It’s easy – just pick your course and you’ll be flexing your new YouTube powers in no time.
Create great content Create great content
Pre-production Pre-production (New!)
Make money with YouTube Make money with YouTube
Production skills Production skills (New!)
Shane and Hannah decided to start a channel about something most people are curious about: their relationship. They're a couple and Shane has a severe muscle disease called SMA and well… Hannah doesn't. They share their story and show viewers how – armed with laughter and love – they navigate everyday life their own way.
Creator Spotlight
Stay inspired,
Team YouTube
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