NO AGENDA • Photo pack by Death to Stock
The things that come from a place of “no agenda” – create surprising results. In our efforts to be effective, we seek to control, and when that control creates pressure and need... we become locked in and rigid. We spin our wheels for a solution. No agenda is the opposite of that. It’s the non-state of mind.

“This shoot was crazy—  It was a fun challenge to take everyday mundane tasks, and explore them through the lens of a controlled, styled, environment." — Mackenzie (@mackenziediane)
When you don’t try, yet results are showing up. When you’re not taking things so seriously, and then you’re offered exactly what you’re hoping for. 


I’m sure you've experienced this. Probably when you were just about ready to give up, so you let go of whatever thing you were trying to force into existence. Then suddenly like a lightning strike, the opportunity shows up. Maybe something in your inbox, or a phone call or simply an idea. 

We can’t always wait to be inspired, sure. But the more we approach things from a no agenda mindset, the more it tends to show up.

We want to hear from the community so we made something just for you to share.  Download these cards for some easy sharing of the No Agenda vibe. Download, post, and tag us (@Deathtostock) so we can connect. — Just click to save. 
A simple mindset we can all adopt. Try it, and report back. 
Hit pause from the noise of social media. Let your mind breathe.
Our premium customers get the exclusive goods. We've reserved some of our favourite photos from this photo pack + produced three videos for the tribe to download and remix. They are something special, check them out below. 
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