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dear smiles davis,

the festive season is knocking at our doors and pushing through the windows, with a promise to flood us with joy! ah! don’t you just love this time of the year? because we do! boy! do we love this season!

so, we thought we’d pop right into your inbox with our own little gifts to share the joy. what do we have? some really useful tidbits that’ll help you do your business and some fun tidbits to, you know, just have fun!

how well do you know the most
important people in your business
- your clients?

well, we have some news for you- your target audience may not be what you make them out to be. times have changed and so have your clients. this article will tell you how.

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gear-up to market your fincom service better

how to stand out in this saturated market? how to engage your potential customers? this blog series will take you through all the steps involved.

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tips to jazz-up your website with animations

why is it that some websites look alive while others bore you to death? animation could be one of the reasons. find out where and how to use svg animation to make more impact on your customer.

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our festive treats! check’em out...
the epic origin
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and that’s a wrap-up! enjoy the season! love, smile, have a blast!
- mypromovideos crew

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