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Nov 2018

“No matter how high you rise in your career, no matter how much expertise you gain, you still need to keep your knowledge and your insights refreshed. Otherwise, you may develop a false confidence in what you already “know” that might lead you to the wrong decision.”  


Tom Kelley

IDEO Partner & Author of “Creative Confidence”

Fuel Your Creativity This Month

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6 Qualities That Build an Environment of Creativity — The great myth of creativity is that it’s a fuzzy quality that can’t be defined. But as IDEO Products Managing Director David Aycan and his team discovered, you can indeed measure the qualities that set the conditions for creative outcomes.
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How to Design for Social Impact: 4 Tips for Complex Challenges — Jocelyn Wyatt and her team have created a framework for taking on big challenges in the social sector, in spite of complex webs of stakeholders, big limitations, long timelines, and limited funding. And they’ve proved the value of design thinking by tracking the outcomes of their projects.
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4 Ways to Maintain Momentum — How do you move past challenges, even when constraints are tight and solutions are elusive? It’s all about supporting rather than managing, and showing grit, resilience, and optimism, even after several rounds of prototypes, or the realization it’s time to start asking new questions.

Try This Now

To make better decisions now, build empathy for your future self. Try these two exercises—observing and interviewing—to connect with your future you. 

End of Year Learning Opportunities

There’s still time in 2018 to invest in learning and development. What skills would you like to explore to shape your future? 

“I’m seeking a better, more human-centered approach to solving complex business challenges.”

Hello Design Thinking (also available in Spanish) — Get an introduction to design thinking and learn how to apply these tools and processes to your own work.

“I’d like to find more meaning in my work and motivate and inspire my team.”

Power of Purpose — Uncover your team or organization’s true purpose, develop an authentic purpose statement, and take action to bring it to life.

“I want to learn how to be more creative and help my team get past creative blocks.”

Unlocking Creativity — Learn exercises designed and practiced by creative experts at IDEO to help you overcome the common barriers to creativity.

“I want to better understand myself and my team so I can encourage collaboration and do great work.”

From Superpowers to Great Teams — Discover your unique strengths, build stronger relationships, and unlock greatness in your team.

Or go deeper with our multi-week courses starting in January.

Extra Credit Reading (and Listening)

Ford CEO Jim Hackett talks about transforming the automaker into a company of the future

5 Business Leaders Share Their Best Advice for Organizational Change

How to make sense of your observations using empathy maps

Your meeting needs CPR—here’s how to bring it back to life

Tim Brown says leaders should “ask questions about the future, not just about the present.”

Why This Cartoonist Keeps Pitching the New Yorker—Even After 100 Rejections 

Cool Jobs in the IDEO U Community 

Silvers Fellowship—Imagine Scholar
South Africa

Landscape Designer—Miracle Playsystems
Oakland, CA, USA

Product Marketing Manager, IDEO Products Team—IDEO 
San Francisco, CA, USA

Interaction Designer—IDEO
Tokyo, Japan

Kroc Fellowship—NPR
Washington, D.C., USA

Director, Health Programs—The Rockefeller Foundation
New York, NY, USA

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