ALL THE TEES 2017 is here.
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All The Tees 2017 is here. 1300 shirts. 20 days. Now thru December 3.
Hallelujah, holy shirts, where’s the Tylenol. We just launched ALL THE TEES! Nature tees, space tees, food tees, political tees…you name it, we have it. Last holiday season was such a hit that we decided to do it again, but with triple the designs! That’s more than 1,300 ways to spread the gear this year.

These next few weeks are all about putting up with people, traditions, and promotions. And we’re gonna hold up our end of the bargain, but not without having a little fun first. Trivia, mad libs, scooter races, and Spotify holiday playlists are all coming your way. After you’re finished with those, the discounts, deals, and sales will still be here. (On that note: find Joëlf somewhere in this email for some extra holiday cheer.)

Sure, we get that it’s the middle of November, so maybe this is like opening presents on December 24th. We just couldn’t help ourselves. If you’re not ready to dive straight into 1,300+ shirts or narrow it down with our curated collections yet, that’s okay. #ALLTHETEES will be live through Sunday, December 3rd. Just remember that every time your email dings a discount gets its wings. In fact, here are some now...
Free shipping when you buy a Blank tee.
Maybe you've heard a little somethin' about Blank, our new line of premium, size-inclusive, made-in-the-USA tees (we'd hope so, we've only been talking about it since February). Well, we're getting our first batch back from the factory this week, and we want to get them in as many hands as possible. During ALL THE TEES, when you buy a Blank tee, you get FREE SHIPPING on your entire order. But this deal isn't just good for USA customers; if you live outside the USA, we're giving you 50% off international shipping with any Blank tee purchase.
Jen Mussari picks her faves.
Wanna know what tee you should buy? No problem. We’ll narrow it down to our 1,300 favorites. Or you can just take CB alum and Ghostly Fern Jen Mussari’s word for it. Jen's been one of our best pals since the earliest days of Cotton Bureau, so it's only fair she bats leadoff. If her flawless taste isn't enough to put you over the edge, buy one of her four favorite tees and get 10% off for today only when you use the code MUSSARI. And stay tuned for more picks from CB designers, customers, and employees.
Stop Talking by Martha Rich
The Streets is Watching by Vaughn Fender
No Bras, No Masters by Lindsey Eyth
Flo by Laura Bee
Jen Mussari picks her faves.
Did somebody say trivia? If you answered ‘yes’, that’s correct! There IS such a thing as a stupid question. We know because we made a whole list of them for you. Take a crack at some company history and find out who the most famous CB fan is. Follow along on Twitter and stay tuned for the results.

1. How many pre-order tees did we sell in 2016?
2. How many pre-order tees have we sold so far this year?
3. How many people have come into the CB office thinking it was a store front?
4. Most famous person that owns a CB tee (that we know of)?
5. Furthest office nerf basketball shot made?
6. How many countries have we shipped to?
7. What state is the most represented across employees at CB?
8. Who is our favorite designer?
9. Who is our favorite customer?
10. Where is the furthest we have shipped a tee?
11. What is the largest customer order we’ve ever fulfilled?
12. How many times has Beth brought just a potato for lunch?
13. Our most frequented lunch jawn?
14. Favorite CB slang term atm.
15. What tee has generated the most money for charity?
Happy holidays from Cotton Bureau. Now go buy some shirts!
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