A letter from the leader of a circus, aka The Hustle:

I assure you, we don’t take what just happened lightly.

You just gave us your email and joined our newsletter.

That’s a VERY big deal to us.

Don’t believe me?

After you pressed the submit button and sent us your email a little buzzer went off in our office. Our entire team can hear it, and when it went off everyone smiled.

Our office manager gave a golf clap and our operations guy did a pushup (I don’t know why, but for some reason he does a pushup each time the buzzer goes off).

Greg, our head of marketing, ran outside and hugged some old lady walking by the office. I’m pretty sure he just tried to kiss her. She didn’t seem to mind it, thankfully.

I’m also fairly certain I just saw Kera, our director of content, take a shot of tequila. I have no idea why she’s drinking at work, but hey, the kid is excited you just signed up. Is she pouring another one? Ah crap, I gotta go and stop her.

Wait, shoot... I’m getting off topic.

Look, I didn’t write this to tell you about our team’s awful impulse control, but to thank you for signing up. Every pixel and character of copy on our site and in this newsletter is here to make you happy.

We hope every piece of content we create will inspire you to live a more epic life. If it doesn’t, just hit reply to any email you receive from The Hustle and tell us how you feel.

Thanks again for joining our tribe. We’ll holler in a few days with some awesome stuff.

- Sam

PS: Wanna make our head of operations do another pushup?

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