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Email Newsletter Design from Icebergs


A great use of an animated gif from Icebergs. The main illustration here in the center is animated to show the screenshot process. Animated gifs can be fun, but should only ever be used for secondary communication purposes, not for a main point of the email. Images are still often not shown in email campaigns.

The Web Plugin for Icebergs is their strongest point of contact to onboard new customers and so they highlight it by putting it in a high contrast dark footer with a bold blue button. Smart move. The image floated to the right is also a helpful way of showing them more about what the plugin can do for them.


The typography is a little small on mobile devices and a better responsive solution should be looked at. Also, as stated in other posts on Iceberg, the top grey thin header is a little too tight next to the main white content box, and the text within it feels bottom heavy.

Mobile Email View


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