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Email Newsletter Design from Etsy


I’m a big fan of Etsy’s product design, not the aesthetics necessarily mind you, but the design – the whole of the product and the ethic and utility behind it. This newsletter was a welcome surprise in my inbox recently. It was like a mini browsing of what’s new on Etsy and some of the great new products people are selling or putting in collections. The mixed gris is executed flawlessly here with clear linkable headings so I can jump off and get right into the web or mobile product. They have carefully chose the arrangement of items to sell the best of Etsy. The effect is that I think Etsy is doing well and the product lines are getting ever better – whether or not that is actually the case – impressions can be everything.


I’m not entirely sure what these bars of photos are without titles. Knowing the way those folks test things I bet its just a way to see if people click on things with or without titles more :D

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