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Event Promotion Email Design from Litmus

Email Subject

Save the date: The Email Design Conference 2014

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Contains some of the most important information above the fold: what, when, and where. This section is quick and easy to read. Icons help identify the type of information.

Below the fold are two more sections. The middle section provides more details about the event, such as a brief description and a rough outline.

The last section contains a short video of highlights from the previous conference. Videos are great in addition to text. Video is easy to understand and people instantly emotionally engage with it in a way they don’t often do with text and static images. The play button on top of the thumbnail image makes it obvious that it’s a video. The thumbnail gives the impression that the video is already loaded.

Notice how the email is split into three sections—each with a different background colour—to explain the topic in stages. This improves readability by providing structure. Just like paragraphs, each section should deal with one idea. Short sections make the content look inviting, whereas a long chunk can discourage people from even starting to read.


The goal of the email is clear (i.e. inform the public about the conference), but the call to action is unclear. It appears to be sharing the news on Twitter, but that doesn’t nearly provide as much value to the reader as it does to the conference.

As a conference goer, I want to know how much it will cost to attend. That info isn’t available. There may be a good reason behind this; perhaps A/B tests indicate that revealing the price later in the sales funnel gives better results. I also want to be able to purchase a ticket. If tickets are not available now, let me pre-order, or tell me when they’ll be available.

The first text that appears in the email is a bit odd: “Trust us: view this email in Apple Mail or the web version in Chrome/Safari.” Besides the trust issues, why do they assume recipients run OS X, and is Firefox no longer a modern web browser? This sentence will likely appear as the snippet text, that is, the text that appears next to the email subject in the preview. It’s a useless snippet because it tells you nothing about the contents of the email. A good snippet can improve open rates.

The layout of the schedule for the third day (middle section) is inconsistent with the other days. The table is twice as long and breaks the bottom alignment with the two tables on its left, giving a messy appearance and causing confusion. Will the third day be twice as long?

The mobile version is the exact same email. All that info crammed into a small screen results in a cluttered design. Some of the content also becomes difficult to read because of the small font.

The email is a bit lengthy. It might have been better to split the content into several emails. Each section could have been its own email, spread out over a few days. And each email would contain a call to action, which would be to register for the conference.

Commentary by Dennis Ideler   •   View more commentary by Dennis   •   Follow Dennis on Twitter

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