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Featured Product Email Design from Everlane


I enjoy getting Everlane’s products in my inbox for a couple of reasons. One is that I like watching their quality product line grow. I’m obsessively promotional about my Everlane Weekender Bag for instance. The other reason, and why its here on this site, is that the emails are always simple and to the point. When I get an email like this, I feel that Everlane believes I’m intelligent enough to not need a bunch of fluffy copy, but just the elemental picture that there is a great new product to be purchased. This makes me confident of them as a company and their product.

If I’m interested in more products I can easily click through the topic bar below the logotype on the top. In addition if I want to know one of their core principles of Radical Transparency, they include it on every email. Impressive.


Not quite a weakness, but many companies don’t have the opportunity to feature a solo product. This is the benefit of a small SKU shop. For a grocery store or a large ecommerce shop this is a different challenge.

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