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mention retention email

Retention Email Design from Mention


This retention email from Mention.Net is simple and clear. By dividing the email into two spaces they maintain strong hierarchy of the content. The top is a clear call to action to keep your Mention product going. It may be a little long in the text, but the actual content is selling me on the value of their service. The bottom area is relaxed but visually appealing. The typography helps me read in order of importance. The images don’t get in the way. Overall this email serves me the customer well by giving me a sense of what I need to do in order to stay with Mention, and the reasons why they believe I should do so.


The top area could use a lead in title to quickly explain the reason for the email. This is like saying “Hi, I’m Matthew, and I’d like to explain why you’ll benefit from the Mention Pro Plan”. The top area is over using bold emphasis when a list might have been more helpful and easier to digest. The centered text on the top lacks the necessary padding on the sides to make the text feel more comfortable.
Pixel precision isn’t what I think is important in an email. For instance the line-height (leading) is off on this email, but pointing it out is missing the point. The question is always: Is this email serving the customer and doing its job? Put another way: What would this email hire the customer to do for them?

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