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Can you guess where we’re going?

Our client, Tom Raffield, was looking to tease the release of their attendance at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 and also the launch of their brand new range of products. In the first of the series of emails, we played with an interactive “scratch off” technique whereby users had to guess where the brand was going by hovering or clicking a series of clues.

The method was simple and the clues were easy, the result was lots of recipients directly replying to the email with what they thought the answer was (all of them correct), something the brand hadn’t ever experienced before.

The fallback for email clients that didn’t support this technique weren’t excluded and instead saw the images in their post-scratch off state enabling recipients to just have a guess.

We also tailored the ALT text specifically for those with screen readers, so it gives the clues in more detail, as questions.

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