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We recently created an automated pre-stay email for our client The Greenbank Hotel which is sent out to guests who are due to stay at the hotel 5 days ahead of their arrival date. The main aim behind the email is to add to the guest’s excitement about their upcoming stay, giving them all the information they need as well as providing the hotel with an up-sell opportunity. 

The email personalises itself according to the guest’s booking details, if they have booked a bed and breakfast stay, the email will show the ‘Dine on the Water’s Edge’ story encouraging them to book dinner in the restaurant. If they already have dinner included in their stay, this will be hidden from view. The pre-stays emails tend to perform well due to the level of personalisation and attention to details. 

Throughout the email, the voice and tone is personal and engaging with original use of CTA copy. Images are highly relevant to the copy and the animated GIF in the header adds to the sense of exclusivity and sets the tone for a relaxing break on the Cornish coast. The text on the image is a nice reference to Cornish colloquialism.

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